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C2G Innovation, a company based in France, offers a nut crimping mandrel. Designed to be fixed on a crimping gun, it is an essential element for the installation of the nut. Like a rivet crimping tool, it is simple and functional. The crimping mandrel fits standard nuts in many sizes and dimensions. 

The crimping mandrel: a simple and functional tool

A tool for high quality crimping, it is simple and easy to use. Nuts are effortlessly installed. The nuts are easily centred on the screw, which allows for high crimping precision. The small size of the tip maintains the ergonomics of the gun to provide the operator with greater comfort throughout the job. 


Robust, the crimping mandrel allows large series crimping

The crimping mandrel can be used on a pneumatic crimping gun for small and medium-sized series as well as for effortless large-scale crimping of nuts.

The high quality of the mandrel's construction allows for intensive use, which in turn increases productivity when crimping nuts on various types of metal parts made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium in large series.


The crimping gun

More powerful, precise and reliable than a hand tool, the crimping gun produces high quality work. C2G offers pneumatic crimping guns to facilitate the work of operators over long periods of time.

Used in many applications, it is efficient and accurate. In heavy sheet metal work as well as in fine sheet metal work, the crimping gun with mandrel will ensure optimal crimping of nuts, studs and other bolts.