Applications : Food processing

C2G SOUDAGE INNOVATION is involved in the welding of 304 L or 316 L stainless steel studs applied to the food industry using the DEC welding method.

The DEC process, capacitor discharge welding, in percussion mode is an ideal process for fine sheet metal applications (food industry, but also pharmaceutical, manufacture of large kitchen furniture and hotel equipment) requiring the use of stainless steel.

The absence of markings on the back of the stainless steel sheet ensures perfect hygiene and a high quality visual appearance. The solidity of the fixing point is ensured by a total connection between the stud and the sheet welded during the percussion process. 

The SDEC 132 generator in percussion mode is the company's latest product. It is entirely manufactured in France, mainly in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. Equipped with a gun fitted with a 3-leg system, welding is perfectly carried out with simplicity and without fatigue for the operator. 

C2G SOUDAGE INNOVATION, manufacturer of welding studs, is recognised for its expertise in welding studs, crimping nuts, cage nuts, crimping studs, crimping studs, thread inserts and rivets.