C2G SOUDAGE INNOVATION is an innovative company manufacturing welding stations and generators using SIG®, ARC, DEC and ATC processes. It is constantly innovating to enable its customers to gain in productivity while facilitating the work of operators on a daily basis.

This specialized tooling allows industries from all horizons to weld all types of materials for small, medium and large parts on sheet metal and supports with a thickness that can be very thin. A wide range of stud models is available, allowing a very large number of fasteners for diameters ranging from 1 to 25 mm, depending on the process.

The SIG® "Stud Inert Gas" welding process is the latest development in the field of welding. Developed by C2G SOUDAGE INNOVATION, it offers a perfect bond to the parts to be welded.  The fasteners are extremely reliable and have a beautiful finish. The use of this welding system also allows for an increase in the production of serial welds.

This welding process is used in many applications such as aeronautics, railways and armament. The most commonly used studs (smooth, curved, flanged, threaded...) can be fixed with this process in materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel...

The ARC fusion forging welding process is the most frequently used process. Indeed, the resistance of the welds to the most important technical constraints is ensured by an ARC welding. This process is used with high-tech equipment such as our modular generators using the Inverter technique - HERA generator range - and offers a high degree of safety and durability of anchors in various materials.

The most demanding applications weld their parts with this process. For example, in the field of smoke production, the anchor bolts and their fastening points remain strong for a long time, even at very high temperatures. Also in the fields of building and civil engineering, concrete/steel construction, petrochemical industry, heavy boiler making, the studs to be welded are welded with this ARC welding process.

The DEC "capacitor discharge" welding process is one of the most versatile. It allows the manufacture of various parts, products and machines with very thin sheets. Indeed, the great advantage of this process is the absence of deformation and marking on the back of the welded part. Without burrs, the machined parts are impeccable and do not require any other finishing treatment.

This process is highly appreciated in the field of fine sheet metal work, food industry as well as in the field of manufacturing of hotel and catering equipment, as it confers an additional security in terms of hygiene. It also greatly facilitates cleaning and the fasteners easily withstand the restrictive safety standards aimed at limiting bacterial propagation.  The most common materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) can be welded using this process.

The ATC welding process is often mistakenly called ARC. Like the ARC or DEC process, it is a process with its own characteristics such as short melting time during welding and high performance for welding low carbon or low alloy steels. This process allows the use of studs from 1 to 10 millimeters and on thin sheets.

The very short delay and the absence of preparation beforehand allows a gain in reproducibility and therefore in production. It is also possible to weld studs up to 16 mm with a ceramic ferrule or with the use of a standard gas. In the field of fine sheet metal work, this process allows the attachment of studs to parts made of various materials such as brass, aluminum or steel.