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The rivet (or blind rivet) is a mechanical fastener used to make an assembly permanent and non-removable. Its wide range of applications covers all industries, each of which determines the type of rivet to be used according to the assemblies to be made, the loads to be supported and the material of the part to be riveted. C2G's wide range of structural blind rivets with broken shank allow easy, fast and resistant assembly in all industrial sectors where riveting is used, offering multiple solutions for all types of supports or products.
The choice of rivet depends on the load to be supported and the material of the part to be riveted. Depending on the application, the choice will be made according to the different elements that make up the rivet: the material of the nail or rod (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.), that of the body and the shape of the rivet head (flat head for hard materials, wide head for soft materials and countersunk head when a perfect finish is required). The setting is done blind, i.e. with access to only one side of the joint, with a manual oil-pneumatic or battery-operated setting device.

The C2G structural rivet: for a fastener resistant to high stresses

 The rivet consists of two parts: the body, which is a hollow tube with a head (also known as a flange), and a nail (or pin), which is responsible for deforming the body by pressure during the setting operation. The standard C2G range of blind breakaway rivets generally have an aluminium body and a steel shank.

The rivet, with a diameter corresponding to the holes made in the thickness of the parts to be joined, is inserted on the shank side. The setting tool (or rivet gun) then pulls the nail with its swollen part into the rivet body until the nail breaks, leaving the rivet body alone and perfectly fixed.
Structural rivets provide a mechanical connection that is extremely resistant to vibration and high shear and tensile stresses. With an even load and clamping distribution on the back side of the assembly, the structure rivet is a preferred fastening device for all fine sheet metal work and for making high-strength connections such as machine housings or truck bodies.

A C2G rivet for every application, plus advice and service

Available in different materials, shapes and sizes, C2G rivets are suitable for all projects and are used in all industries that require riveting. From the classic structural rivet to the watertight rivet ensuring airtightness and water run-off thanks to its closed body, to the fluted rivet designed for fastening in materials such as wood or plastic, C2G provides service by advising you on the most suitable choice for your problem and the materials it uses.

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