Applications : Hotel, Large-scale catering equipment

C2G is a French'Fab company that innovates in the field of welding in order to provide ever more efficient solutions for the manufacture of hotel and catering equipment. The DEC welding process is particularly suitable for welding thin stainless steel or steel sheets. The absence of deformation and marking as well as the burr-free welding process offer major advantages in terms of hygiene, safety and durability.


Special features of hotel and catering equipment

Hotel equipment and large kitchens are often made of stainless steel or chrome steel in order to meet the numerous hygiene and safety requirements. The materials and welded fastenings used in the manufacture of hotel furniture and equipment and large kitchens are such that they meet all the safety and hygiene regulations in force.

This type of equipment and furniture must be resistant to microbial, fungal and bacteriological attack. They must also be resistant to frequent and intensive cleaning and corrosion. The absence of marking and deformation of the sheets at the weld points, both on the vertical and horizontal walls, facilitates daily maintenance.

The welds must also be resistant to heat, temperature variations and low temperatures. In addition to worktables, storage units, dishwashing cabinets, dishwashing basins, pots and pans and kitchen utensils, ovens and stoves in large kitchens, as well as refrigeration equipment (refrigerated cabinets, refrigerators, etc.) must have the same quality of finish right down to the welds.

Perfect welds without marking or deformation will greatly facilitate the maintenance and durability of all hotel and large kitchen equipment. Hygiene rules will also be easier to comply with thanks to smooth and flat surfaces.


A new power source for welding hotel and catering equipment

The new SDEC 132 power source, with its on-board electronics used in percussion mode, is a tool perfectly suited to welding all kinds of studs on thin sheets used for the manufacture of furniture and large kitchen equipment.

The DEC welding process meets the specific requirements of non-deformation and marking of even thin sheets. Whether they are made of steel, stainless steel or even aluminium as found in hotel equipment, thin sheets are welded with a high quality ensuring the material's durability over time and resistance to the many constraints in terms of hygiene and safety and intensive maintenance.