Other fasteners, clinching / BLIND NUT RIVET TOOL - OP310B

The C2G Innovation oleo-pneumatic gun is an indispensable tool for the assembly of many parts that do not require welding. Different materials can be crimped effortlessly by simply pressing the user, with great precision, which makes the assembly very strong. This method of fastening is used in many different industrial fields thanks to the use of numerous threaded inserts.

Precision in an easy-to-use tool

Crimp guns are easy to use. They are also more reliable and precise than crimping pliers. The oleo-pneumatic process makes it very easy to use this type of tool. Threaded inserts from M3 to 12 can be crimped effortlessly with a simple push. A long stroke of 6.5 millimetres allows the crimping of many types of nuts, studs and bolts.

Its low weight makes it very handy and easy to use for mass crimping. The OP 310B is a product that uses screws instead of mandrels. No other accessories are required to crimp components of any material: steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

The pressure adjustment allows a perfect crimp without damaging the thread of the threaded inserts. The head or base of the insert retains its mechanical integrity and original shape.

An effective solution for many applications

As with welded joints, mechanical fastening by crimping provides high reliability, strength and durability. The clamping force delivered by the gun meets the requirements of the most demanding industrial fields, even on thin sheet metal and on various thin substrates.

The crimping gun can be used for serial crimping. It is ergonomic, light and highly efficient without requiring much effort from the user. This ensures productivity as well as the quality of the crimping. 

The areas of application are numerous. Crimp guns are commonly used in the aeronautical and food industries as well as in shipyards.