Stud welding ARC / JUPITER 800 I AFF

New generator JUPITER 800I Inverter Version, Available as standard with the ARC fusion forging process.

This is the third generation of INVERTER technology from C2G; after the 300 I, the 400 I, here is the 800I, modern and reliable.

It combines low weight and compact construction with a high current output power of 800 Amps.

To weld from Ø3 to Ø12, It is equipped with a PCB, and an RS485, with its pre-recorded parameters, this new generator offers easier comfort in its use.

Its body was developed with a designer, with original shapes, it is in PS SHOCK PLASTIC, Excellent electrical insulator, Good dimensional stability Good impact resistance and its weight allows the generator to be lightened, an undeniable factor for construction sites or work in height. WEIGHT 12 KG
Available in a 380 tri version, it can weld up to the nominal diameter of 12mm in AFF,

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