Stud welding ARC / JUPITER 1200GS


Regulated and adjustable welding current from 0 to 1,200 Amps, Running factor 10% (at 1200 A and 1 s of arc time) Digital display memorized, Pre-recorded settings, 2 programs, 2 gun outputs.

Arc Time Delay Short Time: 0.007 to 0.1 s.

Timing Arc Fusion Forging: 0.07 to 1 s.

Welding of all types and marks of standard studs

- diameter 1 to 14 mm in Arc Fusion Forging with or without gas shield,

- of diameter 1 to 6 mm in Arc Short Time

of diameter 1 to 12 mm in SIG (without refractory ring).

Weldable materials: Structural steels, Stainless steel all grades, H-R steels, Titanium, Nickel, bases nickel, Copper, Aluminum, etc ... Uses standardized gases or gas mixtures according to Materials, Argon / CO² Power supply: 400 Volts three-phase, 50 Hz. 63 A - AM protection Dimensions: 660 X 300 X 600 with castors Weight: 75 Kg