Stud welding SIG® / HERA EVOLUTION®

This generator uses the Inverter technology, which involves high-frequency switching and allows for extremely fast regulation, thereby improving weld reproducibility: ARC fusion forging, SIG® and short-cycle processes.


Its patented technology is based on five 500 amp power modules connected in parallel to a standard base with a common control system.


The design of the modular generator means that the equipment is scalable, and users can vary the maximum power of their generator by adding power modules.


The operating mode is suited to both manual and automated applications


Different power ratings are available:

  • HERA 1000 max power 1,000 A ø 12
  • HERA 1500 max power 1,500 A ø 16
  • HERA 2000 max power 2,000 A ø 20
  • HERA 2500 max power 2,500 A ø 25


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