Stud welding DEC / SGC 66

Genarator which can weld in CONTACT Mode or in GAP Mode - (Process : DC).
  • Max. charging energy 1320 Ws at 200V
  • Charging voltage from 50 to 200 Volts, stepless adjustable, accuracy +/- 1 Volt.
  • Capacitor battery reinforced and protected of 66000 µ Farad.
  • Touch screen LCD DSTN, 128x64 Pixels, sunlightsuitable
  • Microcontroller steerage equipment 16 Bit, 20 MHz, Flash
  • Supply voltage : 220 Volts single-phase current

Welding material and range: Aluminium, brass M2 to M6, Steel (alloyed and unalloyed), Stainless steel M3 to M8.

Stud welding guns suitable for the SGC66 generator are divided into 3 categories: G20 and P01i welding guns operate in contact mode, the P10m is able to weld in contact mode as well as percussion / light and compact, they can be used as a portable welder.

Weight : 6,5 KG.
Dimensions : 155 x 215 x 289 mm with handle